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Seniors Yoga Sequence: Chair Yoga Sequence for Seniors

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Seniors Yoga Sequence: Chair Yoga Sequence for Seniors: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Hands Chest Chair
    A. As the series of this sequence are done with the support of a chair in seated position, make sure the choice of chair is comfortable and the base of the chair is flat and not too cushioned. It is also necessary to go for a low height chair as the feet should touch the floor comfortably to induce proper blood flow.

    B. Begin by sitting on the chair bringing the legs parallel to the legs of the chair, and extend the spine upwards till you feel comfortable. Never go beyond your comfort.

    C. Bring the palms in Namaste close to your chest near the Anahata Chakra, and close your eyes.

    D. Begin to feel the flow of the coolness of the breath through the nostril while trying to fill in the abdomen and lungs.

    E. While it may take few rounds of breathing to understand this, make sure the breathing is also slow and smooth.

    F. As we grow old and done with our responsibilities, it is time to focus from deep within and begin this slow connection. While still breathing take this moment to understand to answer questions like, Who, Why and What related to just oneself.

    G. Sit connecting with the breath for about 6 breaths or more and bring that smile on the face to keep the facial muscles calm and relaxed.
  • Chair Neck Rolls A
    A. After a good round of opening up with deep breathing and calming the nervous system in the above practice, open your eyes and rub your palms generating heat and place them on the eyes for sometime.

    B. Then inhale and take the neck upwards and backwards as you feel comfortable and exhale completely. Then inhale and bring the neck downwards towards the chin and exhale completely.

    C. Practice this movement of neck in two rounds taking 2 rounds of breath in round.

    D. Make sure not to strain the body and the movement trying to co ordinate the breath with the movement. If the breathing and the movement cannot be co ordinated, make sure the breathing is still happening.

    E. Closing of eyes is just an option as per the body comfort.

    F. Release from the Chair Neck Rolls A and sit keeping the neck relaxed.
  • Chair Neck Rolls B
    A. Now from the centre, take the neck towards the right shoulder as you exhale and then bring it back to the centre.

    B. Now from the centre take the neck towards the left shoulder as you exhale and inhale and bring it back to the centre.

    C. Repeat this movement of neck from centre to shoulder and back again and if comfortable close the eyes and relax the body as the movement happens.

    D. Reducing and opening the blockages around the upper spine helps in a smooth flow of prana towards the brain keeping the mind calm and relaxed.

    E. Though these movements may look simple, yet when done with breathing works wonders with the nervous system.

  • Chair Neck Rolls C
    A. Releasing from Chair Neck Rolls B, come to the centre and relax for a few breaths. If there is discomfort in the head due to movement of the neck, take in deep breaths through both nostrils.

    B. Now slowly along with breathing move the neck clockwise and anticlockwise in two rounds each taking 2 breaths for each round.

    C. Make sure not to strain the body and the movement trying to co ordinate the breath with the movement. If the breathing and the movement cannot be co ordinated, make sure the breathing is still happening.

    D. Idea of rotating the neck here is to release the tensions built around the neck and the shoulders as they say ' take the weight off shoulders'. Tensions and stiffness around the neck and shoulders will create headaches leading to lack of sleep.

    E. Go comfortable here with the movement and if ok, one could close the eyes to stay disconnected from the world around you.
  • Chair Seated Shoulder Circles
    A. Release from the neck rolls above and come to the centre.

    B. Now placing the palms on the shoulder close to the base of the neck, bend the elbows and extend the spine and sit straight.

    C. Make circles with the arms rotating them while bent clockwise and anticlockwise going in two rounds each while taking 2 breaths in each round.

    D. If taking the arms so high is difficult, just bend the hands at the elbows and rotate using your own body comfort.

    E. The idea of this stretch is to keep the shoulder, elbows and wrist joint active reducing any symptoms related to arthritis or osteoporosis.

  • Chair Seated Side Stretch Pose
    A. From the Shoulder and Arm rotation, come to relax keeping the hands down and closing your eyes take a few breaths.

    B. Then inhale and raise the right arm upwards taking it towards the left side as far as you can go while slowly tilting the chest and the neck towards the left.

    C. Exhale there completely and take another breath and remain here for few seconds continuing the breathing.

    D. Now inhale and extend the right arm and bring it down back to the chair and exhale completely relaxing the neck and shoulder.

    E. Repeat this arm movement one more time, in Chair Seated Side Stretch Pose.

    F. Make sure the body is well balanced and don't go to much towards the left loosing balance.
  • Chair Seated Side Stretch Pose
    A. Release and repeat this with the left arm, while having the right placed down holding the chair.

    B. The idea of this stretch is to give a gentle opening to the heart muscles making sure the breathing is not wrong.

    C. Move very slowly here and maintain the balance.
  • Chair Seated Twists
    A. Release from the side stretch pose, and relax seated comfortably.

    B. Then holding the chair with your hands, inhale and slowly turn towards the right twisting the torso from the hips and gaze behind you and exhale completely.

    C. Here in Chair Seated Twists, remain for about 1 more breath and then to release slowly inhale and come to the centre and relax.

    D. Practice this in two rounds towards the right taking 2 breaths each on each round or more.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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