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Yoga Sequence for Seniors: Yoga for General Fitness: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Mountain Pose Variation Feet Hip Wide (Tadasana Variation Feet Hip Wide)
    A. Start with coming to the centre of the mat keeping the feet a few inches apart in distance.

    B. Relaxing the shoulders and the neck, keep the body completely loose and relaxed.

    C. Standing here in Tadasana, you could close your eyes or remain with eyes open and for better opening of the body and the mind, practice one nostril breathing.

    D. Closing the left nostril with the right hand ring finger, breath and inhale through the right nostril and then slowly exhale out through the right nostril for about 12 times. The idea of breathing through the right nostril, which is the Pingala (SUN), helps to warm up the body, which is essential to help open the muscles faster.

    E. After breathing through the right nostril for around 12 rounds of inhalation and exhalation, relax and stand with your arms besides you.
  • Standing Deltoids Stretch (Tadasana Deltoids Stretch)
    A. Raise the left arm up to the shoulder level and take it towards the right side of the body extending it to your comfort.

    B. While raising the right arm inhale and support it inside the left arm while bending the left arm.

    C. The left arm should help push the right arm towards the left shoulder and try to keep this position for about 2 breaths.

    D. Make sure the breathing is slow and smooth, even if it is audible. The idea of this stretch is to open the tightness around the upper arm close to the shoulder.
  • Standing Deltoids Stretch (Tadasana Deltoids Stretch)
    A. Release and repeat with the right arm pushing it outwards towards the left side with the support of the left arm while still bent.

    B. Continue to hold this position for about 2 breaths or more if one wants to.

    C. Understanding the body and it's movement is very important and make sure there are not jerks.
  • Standing Shoulder Rolls
    A. Releasing from Tadasana Deltoids Stretches, take a few breaths and relax in Tadasana, while bringing the arms down besides you.

    B. Now raise the arms up and down rotating the shoulders from front to back in three rounds while taking 6 breaths here.

    C. Release and repeat rotating the shoulders from back to front in three rounds while taking 6 rounds of breaths here.

    D. Make sure the movement of the shoulders in Standing Shoulder Rolls, are slow and steady as any aggressive movement may not be advisable.
  • Neck Rotation And Massage
    A. Release and relax after the rotation of the shoulders.

    B. Inhale and start the rotation of the neck starting from the centre and slowly moving towards the right side and then coming back to the centre from the left side.

    C. Continue this rotation for about 2 rounds taking 4 breaths as you rotate.

    D. Relax and repeat this from the centre towards the left side going in circles for about 2 rounds taking 4 breaths.

    E. Release from Neck Rotation and Massage and relax and watch for the movement making sure there are no jerks or feeling of any pain.

  • Standing Side Bend Pose Variation
    A. While standing in Tadasana, inhale and raise your left arm above your shoulder and taking it over your head bend the torso towards the right while stretching the left arm towards the right.

    B. Exhale completely and remain here in Standing Side Bend Pose Variation for about 2 breaths feeling the stretch at the lower sides of the back and the shoulders.

    C. The raising of the arm above the head and shoulder level acts as a good stretch to slowly open the heart without contracting any of the muscles too much.

  • Standing Side Bend Pose Variation
    A. Release from the right side and now repeat Standing Side Bend Pose Variation, with the right arm.

    B. Make sure you have a firm grip of your feet on the floor to maintain balance while in the pose.
  • Standing Side Stretch Pose (Ardha Kati Chakrasana)
    A. Releasing from the side bend, come to the centre and relax taking a few rounds of breathing in Tadasana.

    B. Placing the right hand over the left shoulder from the front, and placing the left arm around the right side of the hips from behind, inhale and slowly raise the torso and twist taking the body towards the left side while trying to look down behind you.

    C. The twisting of the torso and the neck along with the shoulders, releases any kind of stress or stiffness around the shoulder and the neck region.

    D. Remain in Ardha Kati Chakrasana for about 2 breaths. Release from the pose and turn towards the right side while placing the left arm on the right shoulder and placing the right arm around the waist from behind.

    E. Remain here for 2 breaths.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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