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Yoga for Thighs and Feet: Yoga Sequence for the Lower Body

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Yoga for Thighs and Feet: Yoga Sequence for the Lower Body: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Mountain Pose Variation Feet Hip Wide (Tadasana Variation Feet Hip Wide)
    A. Start by standing at the short end of the yoga mat, with feet hip distance apart and closing your eyes begin the slow breathing.

    B. Take about 4-6 breaths, and stay steady with the body and the breath.
  • Garland Pose (Malasana)
    A. From Tadasana, exhale and come down towards the floor with the entire body pushing the hips towards the floor while still not touching the floor / mat in Malasana or Garland Pose.

    B. Exhale completely and push the inside of the thighs with your elbows for a greater stretch at the upper thighs and lower hips.

    C. While seated here for about 3 breaths, feel the pressure at the ankles and the toes. Make sure the toes are all touching the mat or floor and feel the sensations of each toe.

    D. Keep good distance between the toes while opening them up like a fan. Press the feet deep into the floor or mat and make sure the body weight is distributed evenly.

    E. Malasana is a great way to open the hips thus helping the entire leg to be relaxed with the flow of blood. A very tired feet will quickly see the change when seated here in Malasana.
  • Garland Pose Hands Forward (Malasana Hands Forward)
    A. From Malasana, inhale and place the palms on the floor in front of you, exhaling completely.
  • Upward Forward Fold Pose (Urdhva Uttanasana)
    A. Inhale again and raise the hips upwards to go into Urdhva Uttanasana or Upward Forward Fold.

    B. Exhale completely and remain here for about 3 breaths, watching for the stretch at the thighs and the ankles.

    C. This pose acts as a counter movement to Malasana and the blood which was blocked at the hips in Malasana, is released here and hence relaxes the entire leg.

    D. Looking up helps to bring more stretch to the hamstrings and therefore to the ankle and the entire leg.

    E. One can bend the knees for comfort. But make sure the stretch is felt deep within the entire leg and not just the hips and the lower back.

  • Mountain Pose Variation Feet Hip Wide (Tadasana Variation Feet Hip Wide)
    A. From Urdhva Uttanasana, inhale and come to stand straight in Tadasana with arms relaxed besides you.

    B. Stay here for about 2 breaths and relax the foot and the hips.

  • Repeat Poses Arrow

  • Repeat 6
    Start the poses Tadasana-Malasana-Malasana hands on the floor-Urdhva Uttanasana-Tadasana in a DYNAMIC way following the mentioned breath counts.

    Repeat this 6 times watching the leg muscles slowly opening up and feel the change in the sensation at the ankles and the feet.
  • Standing Ankle Rotation (Tadasana Goolf Chakra)
    A. After practicing the above poses in a flow in a dynamic way, come to stand with feet together in Tadasana.

    B. Relax completely and take a few breaths to comfort the body and the breathing.

    C. Inhale and raising the left foot off the floor, bending the leg at the knee, begin to rotate the ankles both in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to loosen the ankle joint.

    D. Watch for the sensations of the deeper muscles close to the ankle joint and while rotating, point the toes downwards to also feel the stretch deep inside the soles of the feet.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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