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Yoga for Diastasis Recti: Repair Diastasis Recti with Yoga Poses - Postpartum Yoga

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Yoga for Diastasis Recti: Repair Diastasis Recti with Yoga Poses - Postpartum Yoga: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Chair Mountain Pose (Chair Tadasana)
    A. Begin the practice of repairing the Diastasis Recti, seated on a chair, feet on the floor, hands on the thighs, back straight, and eyes closed.

    B. Seated in Chair Tadasana, begin the breathing. Take about 2 breaths.

    C. Then place the palms (right over the belly, left over the chest) and begin with breath awareness. A lot of the healing of Diastasis Recti (along with simple yoga poses), comes with awareness of breath and the connection with the movement of the body.

    D. Stay connecting with the movement of the belly and the chest as you breathe. Stay here for about 10 breaths.
  • Chest Expansion In Chair
    A. Remember all along the practice of this sequence, breathing should be slow and in control.

    B. Releasing from Chair Tadasana, bring the hands to stretch behind you and hold the lower end of the back support of the chair.

    C. Inhale and hold, exhale there. Then, inhale and exhale holding this position for about 6 breaths.

    D. In Chest Expansion In Chair, the use of the upper part of the abdominal muscles will help to support in repairing the Diastasis Recti.

    C. Please ensure not to throw the chest out too much. Inhale and exhale deeply, slowly and with awareness. The idea here is just to use the upper abdominal muscles. Stay here for about 8 breaths.

    D. Make sure the feet are firm on the floor and the thighs are supported well on the chair.
  • Chair Torso Circles
    A. Releasing from Chest Expansion In Chair, come to sit straight and take a breath.

    B. Then, place your HANDS ON YOUR LOWER ABDOMEN, palms resting on the sides of the belly.

    C. Inhale and begin the Chair Torso Circles, moving from the left towards the right. Place the hands and watch how the sides muscles of the abdomen move. Press the palms deep into your sides.

    D. Go in slow rhythmic circles first in a clockwise direction and then anticlockwise direction. Repeat the circles 3 times in each round. Together they would be 6 circles (6 breaths).

    E. As you exhale OPEN AND BREATH OUT, focusing on breathing out long. Make a sound as you breath out.

    F. Breathing out through your open mouth, release tensions at the spine, and with this kind of breathing, you make a conscious effort to breathe.
  • Chair Pose Hovering Above Chair (Utkatasana Hovering Above Chair)
    A. Moving into the practice, from the Chair Tadasana, raise the arms above your head and exhale.

    B. Inhale again and come to stand on your feet in Chair Pose Hovering Above Chair. Exhale again breathing out WITH YOUR MOUTH.

    C. Inhale and sit back in the chair, exhale out while seated.

    D. Inhale again and come back to Chair Pose Hovering Above Chair, exhale out aloud.

    E. Repeat this 6 times (12 breaths), breathing in while seated, and breathing out while on feet. Bend the knees and don't push or stretch the arms beyond the comfort.

    F ALTERNATIVE, place the hands on the belly and do the same flow.
  • Chair Mountain Pose (Chair Tadasana)
    A. Release and relax in Chair Tadasana for about 4-6 breaths.
  • Seated Low Lunge Variation Chair (Anjaneyasana Variation Chair)
    A. From Chair Tadasana, inhale and raise the right leg up to your chest, supporting it with your hands.

    B. Bring the right thigh close to your belly (upper abdomen), and exhale.

    C. In Seated Low Lunge Variation Chair, the ELBOWS should be very close to the chest and the rib cage.

    D. Inhale and exhale moving the thigh close to your chest 6 times (6 breaths).

    E. Release and relax. Repeat with the other leg for 6 times (6 breaths).

    F. This flow of the thighs towards the chest and the belly work on the abdominal muscles in a slow fashion, while repairing the situation due to Diastasis Recti.

  • Knee Head Down Chair
    A. From the practice of Seated Low Lunge Variation Chair, release and relax.

    B. Following the same instructions as Seated Low Lunge Variation Chair, practice Knee Head Down Chair.

    C. In a flow take the thighs up towards your face and bring the forehead to rest on the knee.

    D. Go on with this following the inhalation and exhalation for 6 times (6 breaths).

    E. Don't overdo the pressing and the stretching. Exhale aloud, if required.

    F. Relax and repeat with the other leg for 6 times (6 breaths).
  • Supported Chair Camel Pose (Salamba Chair Ustrasana)
    A. In a flow, from Chair Tadasana, inhale and raise the body and come on your feet while holding the chair with your hands from behind in Supported Chair Camel Pose.

    B. Exhale when standing on your feet. Inhale, go back to sit and exhale, come up. Repeat this 3 times (6 breaths).

    C. While doing this, don't overstretch the abdominal muscles by throwing the chest out. Just go with the flow. A useful yoga pose that slowly but surely works on the repair of the abdominal muscles.

    D. Release and come to relax back in Chair Tadasana.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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