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Yin Yoga Sequences

Foundational Yin Yoga Sequences Designed for Yoga Teachers

Below yin yoga sequences act as guides for yoga teachers to create their own yoga class plans.

Yin Yoga Sequences

Yin Yoga is more for building strength and stamina for optimal good health. Yin yoga works on the finer muscles and the tissues in the body. Compared to other forms of yoga, in yin yoga each posture is held for a longer duration that makes this practice challenging. The holding of yoga poses helps create space for opening deeper tissues in the body, apart from just the muscles and tendons. These tissues, when stretched, reduce tightness and release the tension around the muscles.

Those who are new to the practice of yin yoga should approach this practice slowly and watch out for uneasiness around the muscles in any pose. Being aware of the body while in the stretch is part of every yoga practice and should be given importance while teaching, especially in yin yoga.

Given below are foundational reference yin yoga sequences for yoga teachers. Please note that teaching yin yoga requires a deeper understanding of the human body in relation to the muscles and the joints.

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