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Yin Yoga Sequence: Meridian Yoga - 5 Elements of Yoga

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Yin Yoga Sequence: Meridian Yoga - 5 Elements of Yoga: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Reverse Corpse Pose (Advasana)
    A. Begin the yin practice by lying down on the belly for a good 3 mins and bring the body to be in your control while let the mind stay relaxed and free.

    B. Yin Meditation is not a forced and controlled connection. Hence let the mind wander while you gather the emotions and the thoughts relaxing the body completely.

    C. Using blanket or bolster for any part of the body for better support is encouraged.
  • Sphinx Pose With Half Frog Pose Legs (Salamba Bhujangasana Ardha Bhekasana Pada)
    Water represents winter and freshness.

    Energy Flow:
    Back of neck - Back of legs - Feet - Inner thighs - Up the front body.

    A. Come to rest on the elbows in Sphinx Pose.

    B. Spread the legs and fold the right thigh at the knee to feel the stretch at the right calves and right side of the back.

    C. Stay for 2 mins and feel the stretch from the tips of the toes, inner thighs, lower back, back of the neck all along the front body and the back body.

    D. Release and relax to go back with the left side of the body.

    Stay in all for 4 minutes.

    Release and relax.
  • Half Cow Face Pose Variation Forward Bend (Ardha Gomukhasana Variation Forward Bend)
    A. Come to sit in Half Cow Face Pose.

    B. Bring the right thigh over the left thigh crossing while the left leg is stretched out in front of you.

    C. Come forward to relax the lower back, and stretch the arms out in front of you.

    D. Bring the head down and remain connecting to the breath for about 2 minutes.

    E. Feel the compressing of the muscles around the abdomen while the stretching of the lower back muscles.

    F. Release and repeat with the left side.

    Stay in all for 4 minutes

    Release and Relax.
  • Reclining Hero Pose Variation One Leg Straight (Supta Virasana Variation One Leg Straight)
    A. Come to lie down on your back and bring the right leg to fold in Virasana.

    B. Stretch the arms above your head and begin to feel the stretch in Reclining Hero Pose with one leg.

    C. Feel the upward flow of energy here while the focus should be towards the bladder and the kidney meridian.

    D. Stay for 2 minutes, release and repeat with the other side.

    Stay in all for 4 mins.
    Release and take a few breaths in Savasana.
  • Reclining Hero Pose Variation Hugging One Knee (Supta Virasana Variation Hugging One Knee)
    A. To continue in supine, now bring one leg in Virasana and press the other towards your chest and belly in Reclining Hero Pose Hugging One Knee.

    B. Feel the downward flow of prana here while the deep stretch is felt around the lower abdomen and the inner thighs.

    C. Stay for 2 mins and then move towards the left side with the pose. The feeling around the toes during this pose is important as the energy flow begins there.

    Stay in all for 4 mins
    Release and relax.
  • Reverse Corpse Pose (Advasana)
    A. Relax completely going in the meditative mode of connecting with the emotions and the feelings running down at present.

    B. Not to fight or move away from the thoughts, but to stay connected with them.

    C. Breath slow and deep and understand the feeling generated in the body with the practice of the above yoga poses.
  • Butterfly Pose Variation Forward Bend (Tarasana)
    Wood element represents spring - courage

    Energy Flow
    Side of neck - Down to the shoulder - Body - Legs - Up the inner thighs - Side body.

    A. Come to sit at the center of the mat in Butterfly Pose or Baddha Konasana.

    B. Press the soles of the feet and hold the feet in your palms and bend forward.

    C. Feel the stretch all along the neck, shoulder and inner thighs.

    D. Stay for about 4 minutes and be comfortable with the posture. Connect to the feeling that generate with the stretch.

    E. Downward flow of energy here, pressing the liver and the gallbladder.
  • Seated Straddle Pose (Upavistha Konasana)
    A. Moving with the practice, release and sit up .

    B. Bring the legs to open wide apart and sit extending the spine.

    C. Then placing the hands on the floor in front of you come to press the chest and the tummy towards the floor in Seated Straddle Pose.

    D. Place a yoga block below the head and even blankets below the hip to stay comfortable.

    E. Stay for about 3-4 mins and feel the stretch around the inner thighs and the neck, shoulders and back.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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