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Warm Up Yoga Sequences

Foundational Warm Up Yoga Sequences Designed for Yoga Teachers

Below warm up yoga sequences act as guides for yoga teachers to create their own yoga class plans.

Warm Up Yoga Sequences

Below are warm up yoga sequences for teachers to plan their own yoga sequences.

Some common questions related to warming up before practicing yoga.

Q1. Is it necessary to warm up before yoga?

Different styles of yoga practices demand different methods. Given below are 3 examples to explain this further:

    Yoga in the classical form does not need prior warm up as the yoga session mostly starts with Sun Salutation, which is a warm up by itself.

    Yoga in the dynamic form demands a good warm up of the muscles, as the physical strength of the body is very important and warm up yoga poses will keep the body free from injuries.

    In Yin Yoga, warmed-up body is not required as the yoga poses are done to stretch the muscles without generating heat within the body.

Q2. What kind of warm up yoga should one do?

Every yoga class plan or yoga sequencing plan has a theme and focus which determines the kind of warm-up yoga to be practiced. For instance, if the theme is about working towards digestive system, the warm up then would be directed towards the core muscles, leading to twists and forward bends.

Q3. How important it is to warm up before the yoga sequence or yoga practice?

Warm up yoga is usually recommended before the practice of peak poses, intermediate to advanced level poses (to help avoid injury), Vinyasa or Ashtanga styles of yoga and other kinds of work outs like rock climbing, very important for newcomers or beginners to yoga, and athletes (especially sprinters or runners).

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