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Power Yoga Sequence: Power Yoga for Weight Loss

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Power Yoga Sequence: Power Yoga for Weight Loss: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Section Y

    Yellow here depicts the warm up stretches, which can be used anywhere in the sequence
  • Neck Rotation And Massage
    A. Begin by standing with feet together at the small end of the mat and take a few breaths here.

    B. Start with breathing the neck movements to open up the shoulders and the neck muscles.

    C. Doing this clockwise and anticlockwise using 2 to 3 breaths each way stretch slowly and make sure the movement is not jerky.

    D. Keep the back straight while doing this stretch, Neck Rotation and Massage.
  • Overhead Shoulder Stretch Pose
    A. From neck rotation, stretch the arms above your head and then exhale and bend the right arm pushing the elbow from behind your head in Overhead Shoulder Stretch Pose.

    B. Stay here for about 2 breaths. Release and repeat this with the left arm and push the elbow behind with every exhalation.

    C. This kind of stretching will help open the the shoulder as well as the arms to make the practice of various other poses in the sequence smooth and easy.
  • Shoulder Stretch Hands Behind Back Interlaced Fingers
    A. From the Overhead Shoulder Stretch Pose, interlock your fingers taking the arms behind you pull the arms downwards while taking a few breaths here.

    B. Inhale and raise the arms behind and above as much as you can using the breath to improve the flexibility.

    C. Make sure this stretch is done slow and the wrists and elbows don't feel uncomfortable.

    D. Keep the spine and the back straight making sure the shoulders too don't droop.

  • Hands Bound Rising Locust Pose (Baddha Hasta Utthita Stiti Salabhasana)
    A. While the arms are stretched behind with interlocked fingers, exhale and stretch them deeper downwards while keeping them close to your body.

    B. Here throw the neck back in a back bend while the chest is facing the sky or the ceiling.

    C. Remain here in Hands Bound Rising Locust Pose for about 2-3 breaths and tighten the chest and the belly.
  • Palm Tree Pose Side Bend (Parsva Bhanga)
    A. From the pose of Baddha Hasta Utthita Stiti Salabhasana, release and bring the arms above your head while interlocking your fingers.

    B. Stretch upwards and as you exhale go sideways keeping the spine straight in Palm Tree Pose Side Bend.

    C. Remain here in this stretch for about 2 breaths on each side and feel the stretch around the lower side back and at the side shoulders.

  • Standing Wind Release Pose (Tadasana Pavanmuktasana)
    A. Release and stand in simple pose. Inhale and raise the left leg while bending the knee and bring the left knee close to your chest and balance the body standing in Standing Wind Release Pose.

    B. Be here for about 2 breaths and release and repeat this practice with the right leg.

    C. This pose helps to open the leg muscles while reducing the stiffness around the ankles, calves and the hamstrings.

  • Standing Quad Stretch Pose
    A. From Tadasana Pavanmuktasana, release and stand in simple Tadasana.

    B. Inhale and bring the right leg to bend backwards holding the feet with the hands and pulling the foot closer towards your hip, feeling the stretch around the quadriceps and the knee.

    C. Remain here for about 2 breaths in Standing Quad Stretch Pose and release and repeat it with the other leg.

    D. A great pose to open not only the legs but the hips and the lower back.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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