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Peak Pose Yoga Sequence for Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

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Peak Pose Yoga Sequence for Tree Pose (Vrksasana): Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Toe Squat (Vajrasana Variation On Toes)
    A. Begin the practice seated at the center of the mat in Toe Squat Pose.

    B. Placing the knees on the floor and resting the hands on the thighs, come to balance the body on the toes.

    C. Tree Pose requires a stable lower body and with the practice of Toe Squat Pose, the soles and the feet open up, while reducing the stiffness at the ankles and the knees.

    D. A great way bring focus to the feet in a relaxed way while also connecting to the breathing process.

    E. Stay for 6 breaths going slow and deep with the breathing. If one finds this difficult, then taking breaks and repeating it is an option. You could also place a cushion between the hips and the calves for comfort. The purpose of this pose is to open the soles and the feet and not to gain flexibility or strength around the legs or feet.
  • Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)
    A. Release from Toe Squat Pose and come to sit on the floor in Bound Angle Pose.

    B. While at Bound Angle Pose, press the soles of the feet and hold the feet with your hands.

    C. From here Inhale/Exhale to flap the thighs up and down in a dynamic way as you breath.

    D. Repeat this flapping for 25 times, and then relax to remain in Bound Angle Pose for 6 breaths.

    E. Relax the thighs completely and as you exhale press the thighs towards the floor as per your comfort.

    F. A great pose to work on the hips (external rotation), knees, and the inner thighs. Flexing the thighs, hips and knees opens the muscles making the practice of Tree Pose easy.

  • Cradle Pose (Hindolasana)
    A. From Baddha Konasana release and sit to relax.

    B. From there:

    Inhale - lift the left leg and bring it in your arms
    Exhale - press the thighs towards your chest
    Inhale - loosen the leg
    Exhale - press to go deeper with the stretch.
    Inhale/Exhale - to remain in Cradle Pose for 6 breaths.
    Inhale - release and bring the leg down.
    Exhale - relax
    Inhale - lift the right leg to hold in your arms
    Exhale - press towards your chest.
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay for 6 breaths

    B. Pressing the thighs against the chest while you feel the stretch at the hamstrings is a good way to help open the hamstrings and the inner thighs (adductors).

    C. The idea is to hold and breathe and not to press and go beyond your body comfort.

    D. Focus on the deep stretch as you hold in posture and connect to the breathing process.
  • Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)
    A. Repeat the same as explained in # 2.

    B. Flap the thighs fast and in a dynamic way for about 25 times and then relax to hold the pose for 6 breaths.

    C. In this second round the inner thighs and the hips would have opened up pretty much.
  • Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)
    A. Release from Bound Angle Pose, and come to Easy Pose to relax the breathing and the stretch.

    B. From Easy Pose:

    Inhale - take the left thigh over the right thigh crossing at the knees.
    Exhale - press the left thigh squeezing the inner thigh muscles.
    Inhale - raise the right arm above your shoulders and take it behind your head.
    Exhale - take the left arm from around your waist and grab the right hand from behind.
    Inhale/Exhale - to remain in Cow Face Pose; interlocking the thighs and the arms for about 6 breaths.
    Inhale - to loosen up
    Exhale - to fast the bound while stretching deeper with the arms and the hips.
    Inhale - release and relax to sit in Dandasana.

    C. A great way to open the hips and the shoulders. An internal rotation of the hips while preparing for external rotation of the hips in Tree Pose.
  • Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)
    A. Follow the same cues given in # 6 to repeat with the other side.

    B. Hold for 6 breaths and release to sit back in Dandasana.
  • Toe Squat (Vajrasana Variation On Toes)
    A. Release and come back to Toe Squat Pose.

    B. Sit here to feel the difference in the stretch (far easier) in this second round.

    C. You may not need a cushion at all here, as the feet and the legs would have opened up.
  • Shoulder Stretch Hands Behind Back Interlaced Fingers
    A. From the Toe Squat Pose, release and come to stand in Mountain Pose.

    B. From Mountain Pose:

    Inhale - take the arms behind you interlocking the fingers.
    Exhale - stretch the shoulders and the arms behind throwing the chest out.
    Inhale/Exhale - to remain for 6 breaths in Shoulder Stretch Hands Behind Back Interlaced Fingers.
    Inhale - to loosen the grip
    Exhale - to stretch the shoulders preparing for easy hold in Tree Pose.
    Inhale - release and relax.

    C. Ensure the belly is pulled in as you exhale to take the stretch deeper behind.

    D. A great way to use the upper body stretching the shoulders and the chest. Helps to feel light with the upper body with the practice in Tree Pose.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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