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Peak Pose Yoga Sequence: Hanumanasana (Split Pose) Sequence

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Peak Pose Yoga Sequence: Hanumanasana (Split Pose) Sequence: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Sun Salutation B (Surya Namaskar B)
    A. It is very essential to warm up the body or bring a gentle stretch to the muscles before the practice of any sequence or a particular pose.

    B. Here as the sequence is related to getting into the peak for Hanumanasana which is considered a seated and challenging pose, the muscles work best when they are warm and well opened.

    C. Start with standing at the short side of the mat with feet together and join your hands in Namaste and while your eyes are closed, connect slowly with the breathing.

    D. After taking few rounds of breathing, inhale and start with the practice of Surya Namaskar B, the 19 step sequence for a slow increase in stamina, stability and to warm up the entire body.

    E. Go slow with each step and understand the muscles put to work while connecting with the stretch and breath.

    F. Remain in each pose for one breath while stretching deeper into the pose.
  • Sun Salutation B (Surya Namaskar B)
    A. Repeat the flow of 19 poses sequence in Surya Namaskar B one more time. Ensure each pose a breath is taken to connect to the stretch.

    B. Release and relax in Tadasana.
  • Intense Leg Stretch Pose D (Prasarita Padottanasana D)
    A. From Tadasana, stand at the centre of the mat facing the long side of the mat.

    B. Inhale and bring the feet wide apart more than hip distance and adjust the hips and stand keeping the alignment in mind.

    C. Inhale and raise the torso upwards and as you exhale, stretch forward with the torso flexing the hips and go into Prasarita Padottanasana D.

    D. With legs wide apart, take control of the balance and as you exhale stretch the torso deeper inwards pulling in the tummy and tightening the abdominal muscles.

    E. Remain here for about 8 slow breaths, feeling the deep stretch at the inner thighs and at the hamstrings while the hips flex to take the torso deeper inwards.
  • Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
    A. From Intense Leg Stretch Pose D, as the name suggests, the deep stretch of the legs, release and move the feet together and tun towards one side and bring the hands on the floor.

    B. Inhale stretch the spine and as you exhale bring the torso inward placing the hands on the floor, while taking the feet behind you adjusting them to come into Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog Pose.

    C. While in this pose, feel the stretch at the hamstrings and the hips, while taking the torso deeper inwards closer to the thighs.

    D. Remain here in this pose for about 8 breaths and with every exhalation, take the pose deeper, pulling in the tummy and contracting the abdominal muscles.
  • Three Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose (Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana)
    A. From Downward Facing Dog Pose, inhale and release the left leg and take it behind you extending it upwards while pushing the body inwards in Three Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose.

    B. Here in Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana, the hamstrings get a slow yet deeper stretch. Use the abdominal muscles to take the leg deeper up while flexing the hips to your comfort.

    C. Watch for the stretch at the right hamstrings and the left side of the hips while staying here for about 6 breaths. Ensure there is no pain while at the pose and with every exhalation connect deeper into the pose.

  • Intense Side Stretch Pose (Parsvottanasana)
    A. Release the left leg and bring it forward close to your palms while you inhale.

    B. Exhale place the feet firm on the floor keeping the distance between the feet comfortable and bring the torso towards the left knee while balancing the body by keeping the hands behind you in Namaste.

    C. Here in Intense Side Stretch Pose or Parsvottanasana, the hamstrings contract to remain in balance. The contraction of these muscles, helps to make them strong and flexible.

    D. Remain here for about 6 breaths while feeling the stretch at the left hamstrings and the right side of the hip.
  • Humble Warrior Pose (Baddha Virabhadrasana)
    A. While the left foot is in front in Intense Side Stretch Pose, inhale and bend the left knee and take the right foot a bit more behind and while interlocking the finger behind you with raised arms, go down with the torso and bring the face close to the left foot with complete exhalation.

    B. Remain here in Baddha Virabhadrasana or Humble Warrior Pose, stretching the arms behind you for better balance while pulling in the tummy, contracting the abdominal muscles.

    C. The deep stretch at the inner thighs and at the left hamstrings get flexible while contracting the abdominal muscles to go deeper down.

    D. Remain here stretching deeper with every exhalation for about 6 breaths.
  • Low Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana)
    A. From Baddha Virabhadrasana or Humble Warrior Pose, press the left foot firm on the floor and bring the right leg relaxed on the floor behind you.

    B. Inhale and raise the arms above your head joined in Namaste and push the toros forward towards the left thigh as you exhale and go into Anjaneyasana.

    C. Here in Crescent Low Lunge Pose, ensure the leg behind is aligned well settling the knees comfortably and make sure the movement of the hips forwards is slow without putting too much pressure on the right knee.

    D. Remain here going deeper with every exhalation by pushing the torso forward and downward while feeling the stretch at the left hamstring and right upper thighs. Stay focused for about 8 breaths here, taking the back in a slight backbend.

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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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