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Yoga For All: Himalayan Yoga Tradition - Joints and Glands Exercises

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Yoga For All: Himalayan Yoga Tradition - Joints and Glands Exercises: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Easy Pose Variation Forehead (Sukhasana Variation Forehead)

    A. Begin seated in Easy Pose crossing the legs and extend the spine.
    B. Close your eyes and connect to the breathing for about 4-6 rounds.
    C. Then making a loose fist with your hand, take the back of your thumb and press it against your forehead.
    D. Gently move the thumb in a circular movement as you massage your temples, nose, cheek bone, jaw bone, around the ears, and back to the temples.
    E. Then open the palms and use the underside of the thumb and massage the face moving from the center cheeks, moving outwards covering the entire face.
    F. The movements are all circular and go gently.
    G. Release and relax with the eyes closed for sometime.
  • Face Yoga Eyebrows Raised
    A. From Easy Pose, bring the hands to rest on the thighs.
    B. Inhale and raise the eyebrows up together as you gaze straight ahead of you.
    C. While doing this the you will tighten the forehead and the scalp.
    D. Stay with the eyebrows raised for 1 breath and then exhale to release.
    E. Repeat this movement coordinating the breath for about 6 times going with each inhalation.
    F. Release and relax. Let the movement be smooth without any jerks.
  • Face Yoga One Side Wrinkle Close Up
    A. Seated still in Easy Pose, rest the hands on the thighs.
    B. Inhale and the right side of the face pulling all the muscles upwards in a Side Wrinkle.
    C. Keep the left side relaxed while doing this.
    D. Exhale and release. Inhale and exhale to repeat this for about 6 times coordinating the breath.
    E. Release and relax. Then repeat with the left side taking the practice to about 6 times.
    F. Release and relax.
    G. The movement should be natural and smooth without any jerks. And if you feel any sensation that is not normal, stop right away.
    H. Initially you could cover the side that is normal while lifting the other side in a wrinkle. And then with practice do it without the hands to cover one side of the face.
  • Face Yoga Wrinkle Close Up
    A. Inhale, and raise both side of the face taking it in a squint and wrinkle.
    B. Hold for sometime and then exhale to release.
    C. Repeat this movement up and down for about 6 breaths, trying to coordinate the breathing with the movement.
    D. Go slow if trying it for the first time, and if at anytime there is discomfort stop immediately.
    E. Release and relax taking a few breaths.
  • Eye Exercise Sideways

    A. Seated in Easy Pose exhale and bring the hands out to the side of you as you bring the hands in a fist.
    B. With the thumbs raised keep the arms stretched out at shoulder level, but a bit to the front such that you can see your thumb.
    C. Now keeping the head and neck relaxed and straight, turn your eyes ONLY as you gaze at the right thumb, stay, release and look at the center.
    D. Now keeping the head and neck relaxed and straight, turn your eyes ONLY as you gaze at the left thumb, stay, release and look at the center.
    E. Repeat this for about 6 times taking the eyes right to left as you come back to the center each time.
    F. Make sure that the thumbs are visible without moving the neck or the head.
    G. If at any point there is discomfort with this movement, release immediately.
  • Eye Exercise Up Down
    A. Inhale and bring the hands stretched out in front of you on the knees.
    B. Place the hands in a fist and bring the thumb out.
    C. Inhale and raise the right arm up and take your vision towards the right thumb.
    D. Exhale and bring the right arm down as you follow your gaze at the right thumb.
    E. Now raise the left arm up and follow your gaze at the left thumb, and release brining it down as you follow your gaze.
    F. All along don't let go of your gaze at the thumb when it moves up and down.
    G. Go in a flow and there should be no jerks and the vision is only centered on the moving thumb.
    H. If at any point there is discomfort, refrain from the practice.
    I. Do this for about 6 times up and down (three for each hand).
  • Face Yoga Mouth Close Up

    A. Sit in Easy Pose.
    B. Clench your teeth lightly and open your lips wide to bring a deep smile.
    C. Stretch the muscles of the face as much as you can and stay here extending the smile for sometime.
    D. Release and relax the muscles.
    E. Repeat this stretching and relaxing as you open your mouth with the teeth pressed against each other.
    F. Do this for about 6 times coordinating the breath.
    G. Release and relax softening the muscles and the teeth.
  • Lion Pose Close Up (Simhasana Close Up)
    A. Seated in Easy Pose, rest the hands on the thighs and sit comfortably extending the spine.
    B. Inhale and open your mouth wide and bring the tongue out hanging it out of your mouth.
    C. Exhale with the tongue out as you bring a deep grin on your face, as you make a loud sound with the exhalation sounding like, AHHhhh....
    D. Keep the entire body in tight tension including the jaws, neck, shoulders, forehead, mouth, and arms.
    E. Release and bring the tongue back in and close your eyes and relax.
    F. Repeat this for about 6 times taking the practice of exhalation deeper and louder.
    G. Let go of all the tensions while holding the body in a tense tight way and then relax to release them all and soften the body and mind when you release.

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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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