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Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga Sequence For Better Nervous System

(Tummee Reference Yoga Sequence)


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Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga Sequence For Better Nervous System: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Thunderbolt Pose Prayer Arms (Vajrasana Namaste Arms)
    A. Begin the Gentle Sequence seated on the ground balancing on the toes in Thunderbolt Pose Prayer Arms.
    B. Bring the knees on floor, hips placed and centered on the heels, chest out and shoulders behind.
    C. With hands in Anjali Mudra take a few moments connecting to the breath.
    D. Stay for about 6-8 breaths.
  • Standing Forward Fold Pose Variation 1 (Uttanasana Variation 1)
    A. From the variation of Thunderbolt Pose:
    Inhale - raise the torso and come to stand on your feet
    Exhale - stretch the arms out at shoulder level and come half way up.
    Inhale/Exhale - stay in Standing Forward Fold Pose Variation 1.
    Inhale/Exhale - stay for 6 breaths, stretching the arms out.
    Inhale - release

    B. Stretching the arms our and going in a half forward fold slowly opens both the shoulders and the lower body, respectively.

    C. Exhale and stretch the arms out wider, and extend the spine in front feeling the stretch at the hamstrings, lower back and abdomen.

    D. Pull the belly in and squeeze the thighs together while the tailbone moves in a pelvic posterior tilt.
  • Eagle Pose (Garudasana)
    A. From Standing Ford Fold Variation 1:
    Inhale - come up and release the arms to interlock them at the elbows. Take the left arm in front when in the interlock
    Exhale - stand to bend your knees.
    Inhale - take the right thigh over the left and lock the right foot behind the left calf.
    Exhale - push the hips down and keep the arms in front at shoulder level.
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay in Eagle Pose
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay for 6 breaths.
    Inhale - release and relax.
    Inhale/Exhale - repeat the same with the other leg, taking the left over the right.

    B. A gentle locking of the arms and legs helps to improve balance and stability in the body as you coordinate the breathing process.

    C. Make sure the foot is locked behind the other leg and pull the abdominal muscles tight to support the hips in balance.

    D. Gaze at one point (drishti), to help you stay in balance. Move the hips down gently to support the knees, and never go down bending the knees.

    E. A great pose to open both the hips and the shoulders.

  • Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
    A. Release and relax in Mountain Pose.
    B. Stay for 6 breaths, closing the eyes and connecting to the breathing process.
  • Warrior Pose II (Virabhadrasana II)
    A. From Mountain Pose:
    Inhale - bring the feet more than hip distance apart and bring the arms to shoulder level
    Exhale - adjust the feet and extend the spine
    Inhale - move the left foot outwards to 90 degrees and move the right foot inwards to 45 degrees
    Exhale - bend the hips down flexing the left knee.
    Inhale - look in front and bring the body to the center
    Exhale - stretch the arms out both ways.
    Inhale/Exhale - stay in Warrior Pose Ii
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay in balance looking ahead at one point for 6 breaths.
    Inhale - return to Five Pointed Star Pose
    Inhale/Exhale - repeat with the other side taking the right foot forward and stay for 6 breaths

    B. Builds balance with awareness. Teaches alignment and flexibility while also improve the body posture.

    C. Opens the hamstrings. hips, knee, shoulders and chest.
  • Goddess Pose Variation Fingers (Utkata Konasana Variation Fingers)
    A. From Five Pointed Star Pose:
    Inhale - move the feet a little wider
    Exhale - bring the hips down flexing the knees
    Inhale - hold the hands in an interlock in front of the hips
    Exhale - stretch the arms downwards
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay in Goddess Pose Variation Finger
    Inhale/Exhale - stay for 6 breaths
    Inhale - release and relax standing straight.

    B. A great pose to work on the knees, hips, ankles, and pelvis. Strengthens the joints and bring stability as the flexibility improves.

    C. A great way to improve the hips alignment in the body by making the conscious effort of moving and bending both the sides of the body equally, down.
  • Camel Pose Variation Hands On Floor (Ustrasana Variation Hands On Floor)
    A. From Goddess Pose Variation:
    Inhale - come to Mountain Pose
    Exhale - bend down and sit on your knees
    Inhale - take the torso back and place the hands on the floor behind you with fingers pointed outwards.
    Exhale - raise the chest and hips upwards
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay in Camel Pose Variation Hands On Floor
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay for 6 breaths
    Inhale - release and relax in Thunderbolt Pose

    B. A slight back bend to work with the core and the abdominal muscles. A gentle stretch for the lower back and the shoulders too.

    C. Knees should be close to each other, engage the pelvic floor muscles and tighten the buttocks to take the tailbone in pelvic anterior tilt.
  • Puppy Dog Pose (Uttana Shishosana)
    A. From Thunderbolt Pose:
    Inhale - place the palms on the floor extending the arms and bring the chest and the chin on the floor
    Exhale - rest the entire body on the floor
    Inhale - slowly raise the hips up and balance your body on the knees
    Exhale - press the chest and the chin towards the floor.
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay in Puppy Dog Pose
    Inhale/Exhale - to stay for just 12 breaths

    C. In this pose the tail bone and the lower part of the back in lifted upwards creating a mountain like pose bringing the body on the knees, elbows and arms. With every exhalation stretch the arms out and extend the spine.

    D. With deep breathing the entire lower back will expand giving room for a great stretch and opening of the muscles at the spine. The downward flow of energy from the base of the spine will be seen here.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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