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Yoga Sequence For Core Strength: Seated Twist Pose With Baby Grasshopper Pose

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Yoga Sequence For Core Strength: Seated Twist Pose With Baby Grasshopper Pose: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Sun Salutation A Variation (Surya Namaskar A Variation)
    A. Begin the sequence standing with feet together in Mountain Pose. Closing your eyes start with slow deep breathing. Ensure the breathing is relaxed and in control.

    B. From Mountain Pose begin the practice of Sun Salutation A Variation to warm up the body and the help open the lower back and the hamstrings to make hip opening asana practice easier.

    Inhale - raise the arm up to go to Volcano Pose.
    Exhale - go down to Standing Forward Fold Pose
    Inhale - raise the head up in Half Forward Fold Pose with palms on the floor.
    Exhale - there.
    Inhale - come down in Eight Limbed Pose
    Exhale - stay there.
    Inhale - stretch the body lifting the chest while resting the thighs on the floor.
    Exhale - go down to Downward Facing Dog Pose.
    Inhale - stand in Half Forward Fold Pose with palms on the floor.
    Exhale - go in full Forward Fold Pose.
    Inhale - rise up to go to Volcano Pose
    Exhale - relax in Mountain Pose.

    C. The 9 poses should be done in a flow to help open the muscles while improving the breathing process.

    D. Repeat this for about 6 times. Stretch well in each pose coordinating the breath.
  • Garland Pose (Malasana)
    A. From Surya Namaskar A, release and come to sit as you exhale in Garland Pose.

    B. Push the thighs outwards as you place the elbows inside, while moving the hips closer to the floor.

    C. Stay here releasing the tensions of the knees and the ankles for 6 breaths. Simultaneously opening the hips for deeper asanas.

    D. Seated on a yoga block would help focus on the hips and the breathing to avoid attention towards the feet and the knees, that may hurt.
  • Bear Pose
    A. From Garland Pose, inhale to raise the body up to come to Bear Pose.

    B. Bending the knee come up in half squat stretching the arms out over the head with hands interlocked.

    C. Pushing the hips down taking the torso parallel to the floor while stretching the spine forward in Bear Pose.

    D. Stay here breathing for 6 rounds, inhaling to loosen up and exhaling to stretch forward.

    E. Stay focused with the hips and the hamstrings while at Bear Pose.
  • Spontaneous Flowing Half Squat (Sahaja Ardha Malasana)
    A. From Bear Pose:

    Inhale - stretch the right leg and place arms close to the floor
    Exhale - bring the torso (chest and hips) towards the left side.
    Inhale/Exhale - move from left to right, while making sure the stretch is the same on both sides of the hips.
    Inhale/Exhale - in flow and in a dynamic way while breathing move left to right in Spontaneous Flowing Half Squat.
    Inhale/Exhale - 12 rounds of breathing moving left to right, stretching the inner thighs and massaging the abdominal area.

    B. A great pose to open the hips and inner thighs while staying lose to the ground.
  • Benu Bird Pose (Benvasana)
    A. Release from spontaneous Flowing Half Squat Pose, and come to rest the right knee on the floor extending the left leg out in Benu Bird Pose.

    B. Stretching the left leg out as you inhale and raising the arms up and out exhale to take the torso close to the floor.

    C. Extend the leg out to the maximum to help open the hips. Stay here breathing for 6 rounds exhaling to extend the stretch while inhaling to loosen the body.

    D. A great pose with a variation of a forward bend while the hips open one side externally.
  • Benu Bird Pose (Benvasana)
    A. Repeat with the other side in Benu Bird Pose holding the posture for 6 breaths.
  • Garland Pose With Hands Under Heels (Malasana With Hands Under Heels)
    A. Release and come to sit on your feet.

    Inhale - and squat placing the hands below your soles.
    Exhale - extend the spine and take the shoulders back.
    Inhale/Exhale - pushing the palms upwards to feel the stretch around the ankles in Garland Pose With Hands Under Heels.

    B. Stay for 12 breaths as you breath and focus on the hips opening. Don't use a yoga block as the stretch will not be the same.

    C. Press the feet towards the hands as you exhale and watch for the deeper stretch at the inner thighs. A great pose to reduce cramps and prepare the body for twists and stretch of the lower body.

    D. Stay calm while here and one can close eyes to connect longer.
  • Low Lunge Hands To Knee (Anjaneyasana Hands To Knee)
    A. From Garland Pose With Hands Under Heels:

    Inhale - place the left knee on the floor.
    Exhale - rest the hands on the right thigh.
    Inhale/Exhale - push the hips down to stay for 6 breaths in Low Lunge Hands to Knee

    B. With the support of the hands on the knees, the pushing of the thighs and the hips should be easier given the other knee rests on the floor.

    C. Stay focusing on the breathing while taking the hips extended out with the front leg.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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