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Core Strength Yoga Sequence: Hip Opening Yoga Sequence

(Tummee Reference Yoga Sequence)


Below yoga sequence should be used as a guide by yoga teachers to create their own yoga class plans


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Core Strength Yoga Sequence: Hip Opening Yoga Sequence: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Classic Sun Salutation Variation (Classic Surya Namaskar Variation)
    A. Start the sequence with the few rounds of Surya Namaskar. Using the breath control, go slow with each pose of the 10 steps watching for the stretch at the right muscles.

    B. Go steady and practice this round for about 5 times, taking a breath in each pose, and use the core muscles to the maximum, pulling the belly deep in.
  • Standing Wide Legged Pose Hands On Hips (Prasarita Tadasana Hands On Hips)
    A. From the practice of Sun Salutations, come to stand with feet apart in Upavistha Tadasana Hands on Hips or Standing Wide Legged pose.

    B. Extending your shoulders and spine, stand comfortably here for about 5 breaths. You could close your eyes and balance here in this pose.
  • Pendulum Pose (Dolasana)
    A. From Upavistha Tadasana, come forward bending at the hips and going the dynamic way take the head and face towards the left knee and then move towards the right side in Dolasana or Pendulum Pose.

    B. Go with 5 breaths on each side in the dynamic style slowly opening the hips and the hamstrings.

    C. Here in Pendulum Pose, make sure the stretch at the hips, hamstrings and the shoulders are felt with each breath, and taking support placing the hands behind your head remain here for about 5+5 breaths.

    D. Exhale going towards the knee each time.
  • Standing Forward Bend Elbows Resting On Legs
    A. Relax from Dolasana to place the elbows to rest on the thighs, while bending the torso forward.

    B. Exhale and bend the knees to stand in Standing Forward Bend Elbows Resting On legs. Stay here feeling the stretch at the lower back and the hips for about 8 breaths while using the belly.

    C. With firm placing of the feet on the floor, push the belly in while taking the lower back, the sacrum outwards.

  • Chair Pose Arms Forward (Utkatasana Arms Forward)
    A. Exhale and come to bend the knees still, and bring the torso upwards and downwards to go into Utkatasana with the arms stretched in front of you.

    B. Slowly getting comfortable push the hip downwards, while taking the belly in, keeping the chest, shoulders in alignment with the hips. Here in Chair Pose Arms Forward, keep the eyes gazed at the stretched fingers in front of you.

    C. The hips open up here in this pose, while using the knee and thigh strength. Remain here for about 8 breaths watching for the abdomen muscles, the quadricep muscles and the shoulder muscles.

  • Chair Pose (Utkatasana)
    A. Releasing and inhaling raise your arms above your shoulders and head to go into Utkatasana or Chair Pose for greater use of the hips.

    B. Pulling the belly in and using the core strength, balance the body on the knees and the ankles while gazing upwards at the raised arms.

    C. Make sure the knees don't go beyond the feet and stays in alignment with the thighs, chest and shoulders.

    D. This pose works on the Muladhara Chakra and for better results one could also practice the Mulabandha here if comfortable. Stay for about 8 breaths or more.
  • Bear Pose
    A. Using the maximum of the hips and the lower body release from Utkatasana and as you exhale, bend the knees to the comfort level, and bring the torso forward while stretching the arms out completely in front of you.

    B. This next pose Bear Pose or Variation of Utkatasana, plays on the hips to the maximum using the core muscle strength.

    C. Pressing the hips outwards, the chest and the shoulders parallel to the floor extend the arms out while also gazing at the interlocked fingers straight in front.

    D. This pose uses the various leg muscles, very intelligently and come to think of it gives the torso a great stretch taking the focus towards the spine, right from the crown to the root.

    E. The energy at the centre of the body is used well here, creating a sense of balance and building confidence through focus. Stay here for about 8 breaths.

    F. The ALIGNMENT here helps to get the maximum from this posture. The arms and the torso parallel to the floor, the thighs almost parallel to the floor, the knees in alignment with the chest, shoulders and the feet .
  • Intense Side Stretch Pose Variation Hands On Floor (Parsvottanasana Variation Hands On Floor)
    A. Release from Bear Pose, extending the right leg while taking it behind you and placing the right foot at 45 degrees to go into Parsvottanasana Variation.

    B. Exhale completely, placing the hands on the floor while resting the face on the left knee while feeling the stretch at the back of the left knee.

    C. Using the hips here too along with the core muscles to the maximum, this Intense Side Stretch Pose, plays on the entire spine.

    D. This pose strengthens the spine flexing at the hips and tones the entire body too. Remain here for about 5 breaths.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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