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Chair Surya Namaskar: Chair Sun Salutation

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Chair Surya Namaskar: Chair Sun Salutation: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Hands Chest Chair
    The Classical Surya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation is modified here making it easier and less challenging for the practitioner using a STRONG, STURDY wooden or iron chair. Best to avoid plastic chairs.

    A. Start to sit on the chair, with feet close to each other while the hands join in Namaste in front of your chest.

    B. Sitting straight, without resting the torso on the back of the chair, extend the spine and the torso upwards making sure the sit bones are placed on the chair comfortably.

    C. With eyes closed begin slow deep breathing, watching for the movement of the chest and the abdomen with every inhalation and exhalation.

    D. Make sure and if possible bring the thighs parallel to the floor while both the feet are firm on the floor, emphasising on the toes touching the floor too.

    E. Remain here for about 6 breaths minimum.
  • Hands Up Chair
    A. Inhale from the Hands near the Chest and raise the arms above the head continuing to hold the palms in Namaste.

    B. Extend the arms way beyond the head and the shoulders and exhale completely, taking the gaze either up or straight in front of you.

    C. If this kind of Surya Namaskar is done for senior citizens or for disabled person, then the stretching may be done depending on the comfort of the practitioner. But if this is done for someone who is suffering from Arthritis, Knee injury etc, then stretching to the maximum should be encouraged.

    C. Stay here in Hands Up Chair, for about 4 breaths, making sure of the awareness of the breath.

    D. Placing the feet still firm on the floor, the thighs together along with the knees, the stretch should be from the hips upwards right up to the tips of the fingers.

    E. This pose while seated helps to improve the toning of the entire abdomen and with the arms raised above, helps to improve the breathing creating a great sense of calmness and confidence.
  • Seated Forward Fold Pose on Chair
    A. Moving with the sequence, from Hands above head exhale and go forward bending at the torso.

    B. While exhaling slowly, take the arms down and place them close to your feet, just like you would do in Uttanasana.

    C. The entire torso rests on the thighs, bringing the chin to be placed just close to the knees and gaze down at your feet.

    D. Slowly breathe, pushing the toros closer to the thighs, and stretching the shoulders to place the entire palm on the floor.

    E. Remain here for about 4 breaths in Head Down Chair pose.
    This pose is good for the lower back, giving a gentle massage to the abdomen improving digestion, good for the hips, reducing simple sciatic nerve conditions.

  • Seated Low Lunge Variation Chair (Anjaneyasana Variation Chair)
    A. Moving from Head down pose, inhale and come up with the torso, to sit straight on the chair.

    B. Inhale again, and raise the right leg up, and hold the right thighs with your hands while bending the knee.

    C. Exhale and press the thighs towards the chest, while flexing the right knee and right hips in Seated Low Lunge Variation Chair.

    D. A great pose to help improve in the movement of the knee, keeping it flexible and strong, for anyone suffering from knee injury or arthritis. Also good for senior citizens who want to remain mobile and stay strong at the joints.

    E. Balance the right leg holding it well in your hands and gaze straight, closing your eyes for about 6 breaths or more while making sure the left foot is firm on the floor.

    F. Lean back for support, feeling the stretch at the hips, lower back, hamstrings, knee and ankle. One could also ROTATE the ankles here to get that extra benefit of moving the foot joint.
  • Knee Head Down Chair
    A. Releasing from the Lunge pose, inhale and while you exhale press the thighs closer to you, while you bring the face towards the knee flexing the neck.

    B. Press the thighs, and rest the nose on the knee in Knee Head Down Chair pose for about 6 breaths.

    C. Resting the back completely, make sure you get a grip of the hips and the foot on the floor to avoid slipping from the chair.

    D. This pose is beneficial for the organs at the lower abdomen while also giving a gentle massage to the muscles at the lower back.

  • Hands Up Chair
    A. Inhale releasing and go back to Hands Up Chair Pose, placing the feet on the floor and stretching the arms above the head and shoulders.

    B. Stay here for about 6 breaths, stretching deeper than the first time.
  • Seated Forward Fold Pose on Chair
    A. Exhale and go down flexing the torso and the hips in Head Down Chair pose.

    B. Stay here for about 5 breaths holding the pose a little longer if required.
  • Seated Low Lunge Variation Chair (Anjaneyasana Variation Chair)
    A. Inhale and bend the left leg at the knee, pressing the thighs close to you while seated straight in Seated Low Lunge.

    B. Remain here for about 6 breaths and watch for the stretch at the left side of the hips, hamstrings, knee and ankle.

    C. Rotating the ankles for further benefit can be done a couple of times.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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