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Peak Pose Yoga Sequence: Arm Balance Yoga Sequence with Baby Crow Pose


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Peak Pose Yoga Sequence: Arm Balance Yoga Sequence with Baby Crow Pose: Yoga Poses, Cues, Steps, and Breathing instructions

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  • Dolphin Pose (Catur Svanasana)
    Bala Kakasana or Baby Crow Pose, requires strong arms and shoulders and the efficient use of the core muscles. Hence practicing the sequence for Crow Pose and Crane Pose is a must. One can modify the sequence as per requirement.
    Soon after practicing the earlier sequence related to Crow Pose and Crane Pose, come to stand in Tadasana taking a few breaths.

    A. Begin this sequence to stand at the far end of the mat (short end), and placing the elbows on the floor close to your leg, while bending, take the legs behind you to stand in this prone pose - Catur Svanasana or Dolphin Pose.

    B. This pose is to open the shoulders and the arms while using the diaphragm to the maximum. Remain here stretching the hamstrings and the chest.

    C. Go deeper towards the floor while exhaling and when inhaling loosen the lower back and look up. While looking down, press the chest with exhalation.

    D. Remain here for about 8 breaths, watching the movement of the spine with each breath.
  • Garland Pose Hands Forward (Malasana Hands Forward)
    A. Releasing from Dolphin Pose, come to sit in Malasana while resting the hands on the floor, increasing the distance between the feet.

    B. Full squat here, while using the hips to go deeper into the pose. Sit here closing the eyes while pushing the elbows deeper outwards, while watching the stretch in the inner thighs and hips.

    C. Continue to be here for 8 breaths.
  • Dolphin Pose (Catur Svanasana)
    A. Releasing from Garland Pose, come back again to Dolphin pose, taking your body deeper in the stretch, slowly working on strengthening the arms and the shoulders while opening them too.

    B. Remain here for about 6 breaths

    C. This dynamic movement of the body from Dolphin Pose to Garland Pose, will help to open the hips and the shoulders, while also using the core to the maximum, preparing for Baby Crow Pose.
  • Upward Forward Fold Pose (Urdhva Uttanasana)
    A. Releasing from Catur Svanasana or Dolphin Pose, come to stand in Urdhva Uttanasana or Upward Forward Fold.

    B. Placing your palms close to your feet, press the chest towards the thighs, flexing your hips. Inhaling, raise your neck up gazing in front. Feel the stretch at the shoulders and the neck here, and open the thoracic area, stretching the throat to the maximum.

    C. Remain here in Upward Forward Fold pose for about 8 breaths.
  • Garland Pose Hands Forward (Malasana Hands Forward)
    A. From the deep stretch of the hamstrings and the neck in Urdhva Uttanasana, release to sit back in Malasana or Garland pose for about 3 breaths, to release the stretch at the hips.

    B. From this variation of Malasana, come forward and rest the elbows on the floor, balancing your body on your toes, while coming almost parallel to the floor with your face and chest. Remain here for about 2 breaths.

    C. While here feel the compression around the chest and the upper abdomen and go slow and deep with the breathing, as this will prepare the body to become light and yet strong.

  • Baby Crow Pose (Bala Kakasana)
    A. From the variation of Malasana, with ELBOWS on the floor, bring the knees to be placed over the upper arms, resting them comfortably, while adjusting the distance of the palms if required.

    B. While resting the knees over the upper arms, close to the armpits, exhale completely. Push the belly in and squeeze the shoulders to get hold of the knees and the chest to give support to the upper body.

    C. Release and come to sit back in Malasana with Bent ELBOWS, and relax. Repeat this for about 4 times in a DYNAMIC way, moving the hips up and down.

    D. Let the flow of breathing happen in a natural way, while ensuring the breathing is in control and one is aware of the breath.

    E. Once ready, the body will feel light and loose. This is when you know you are ready for Bala Kakasana.

    F. While resting the knees, slowly push the body along with the face forward and downwards, and lift the feet off the floor to go into Baby Crow Pose. Adjusting the arms or the palms now is a big NO...just be the way you are and watch the body feeling heavy on the arms and the shoulders. This feeling is normal, that one would topple over and fall flat on the face.

    G. If that happens, just lift chest slowly up, and stay in control. If this further troubles you, then placing a cushion just below the face is a good safety alternative.

    H. Once the feet is off the floor, remain in balance for about 2-3 breaths. Slowly exhale and come to rest in Malasana or Garland pose. Repeat to go for the second time and if required go back to the DYNAMIC way with the flow, to gain more confidence.

    I. Lift the feet off the floor and watch how smooth the body go up and down, and then how light the body feels. The stretch that happens is more towards the pinching sensation around the upper arms and the tightness around the chest and the shoulders. This will become secondary with practice and the focus will slowly move towards the THIRD EYE. A great posture to feel confident and satisfied with oneself.

  • Puppy Dog Pose (Uttana Shishosana)
    A. Release from the practice, a come to bring the body on the floor to rest and relax.

    B. Exhale and bring the feet close to each other placing the knees on the floor, stretch the arms out in front of you, while placing the chest and the chin on the floor to go into Uttana Shishosana or Puppy Dog Pose.

    C. Rest here completely and relax the spine and the shoulders, while breathing slow yet deep.

    D. Placing the chest and the chin down while looking up, is a good way to release the tensions around the neck and the upper shoulders.

    E. Stay here in Puppy Dog Pose for about 10 breaths or more, while raising the lower back upwards , ensuring the belly is pulled in.
  • Corpse Pose (IRT) (Savasana (IRT))
    A. Ending the sequence, with Savasana or Corpse Pose, take proper rest with full body stretch, and stay here for about 10 breaths.

    B. Releasing the deep tensions within the muscles, loosen the body to completely relax, with slow breathing while watching the movement of the abdomen and chest.
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Note: Above yoga sequence is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical professional and/or a licensed yoga teacher or yoga therapist before starting any exercise regime, including yoga.

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