Wheel Pose Contraindications

Wheel Pose

An intelligent teacher and student will very well know the challenges they are ready to face together and one such place or practice which requires this is the practice of Chakrasana. As the stretch of the spine is at its maximum here and the body is placed on the wrists and feet a lot of pressure will be felt at the lower and middle back. The contraindications explained below are more for the beginners as those at the Advanced Level or the Intermediate Level would have practiced other backbend asanas before attempting Chakrasana. These contraindications are as follows:

  • A back injury is something that needs healing with proper rest, but if the back injury is healing and other practice of backbend asanas do not harm the back, yet Chakrasana is way to difficult to practice. The reason being while releasing from the pose any form of jerk to the back may not be advisable.
  • Heart problems, If any student is suffering from heart ailments then surely one should avoid this pose completely and not even risk the attempt.
  • Pressure, If the student has a history of either High Blood Pressure or Low Blood Pressure , then the practice of this pose should be done with proper guidance after many rounds and months of practice of various other backbends.
  • Pressure in Eyes, someone who has undergone a cataract surgery or has a history of pressure in the eyes , then this asana is a complete no no.
  • Cervical injury where the neck is supported with a collar, or where there is any other form of injury to the neck, most certainly should avoid this pose. But where one is suffering from weak or stiff neck and needs the opening then this could be done with proper guidance.
  • Hernia, in case of hernia the body is weak and cannot undertake the stretch while at the pose and hence after complete healing and after the advice of the doctor this practice can be undertaken with guidance.
  • Lack of Flexibility, surely even if someone is fit and has no ailments but lacks flexibility or confidence, the teacher should realise this and not impose the stretch or the pose without working on the flexibility and confidence.

Thus are some of the common contraindications discussed above , but if through practice if one feels uncomfortable at the back or the head or neck while releasing the pose then one should take precautions .

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