Uttana Shishosana Modifications

Uttana Shishosana

To make this pose a little more comfortable for beginners, a few tips to keep in mind while practicing this pose are given below.

  • If one wants to consider this pose as a restorative pose, then having extra blankets at the knee and the chest will relax the entire body better.
  • One could practice this pose on the bed, if one finds the shoulders and the chest not opening up while on the floor or the mat.
  • Doing this pose with support for the arms and the face with blankets or yoga blocks, will reduce the unwanted stretch at the neck.
  • If the lower back gets to painful while stretching, one could reduce the stretching of the arms in front and go as the body is comfortable.
  • The longer one holds this pose, the maximum the benefit, but one could hold as one is comfortable based on the flexibility of the shoulders and the arms.
  • Placing bolsters between the legs and the thighs, or even yoga blocks, will help to get the alignment of the body perfect and hence hold longer.
  • This pose can bring in some discomfort in the head due to the position of the neck. Hence at the time of releasing from the pose, one needs to go gentle and slow releasing the shoulders and the chest in a step by step way.
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