Uttana Shishosana Contraindications

Uttana Shishosana

A simple few things to keep in mind while going into this pose, though this pose is easy.

  • Not to be done when injured at the knee and the hip. Pressure at the knees may not be comfortable while practicing this pose.
  • Not to be done if having extremely stiff shoulders and arms. As this pose opens the shoulders, too much stiffness may make it difficult to enjoy the pose.
  • If suffering from severe lower back pain, it is better to take guidance, as while releasing from the pose the body has to go gently backwards and downwards. While doing this in a hurry with a severe back pain, the wrong way, can cause more stiffness to the lower back.
  • Not to be done at the later stages of pregnancy, as the blood flows in the opposite direction if held for a longer duration.
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