Uttana Shishosana Benefits

Uttana Shishosana

Most of the benefits derived while practicing this pose is considered similar to those derived from the practice of Prasarita Balasana or the Wide Child’s pose. Given below are some of the benefits covered.

  • Stretches the hips and the hamstrings: While the lower body or the lower back is extended upwards, taking the tail bone deep pointing upwards in Uttana Shishosana, the hips tighten up, along with the thighs. This stretch while the muscles are tight works to the advantage of these muscles and also makes them strong and give a great support to the body.
  • Maximum stretch to the entire spine: Notice how the lower part of the spine goes upwards and the upper part of the spine goes downwards at the same time. While both ends of the spine gets its maximum stretch, and extending the middle part of the spine both ways too, the body too simultaneously extents both ways at the same time. This extension gives the body and the spine the maximum stretch, thus also relaxing it.
  • Flexes the spine with the stretch: While the spine and the muscles around the spine stretches in this pose, Extended Puppy Dog Pose, the flexibility of the spine and the muscles too improve. The flexing of the spine acts as a great way to improve the posture of the entire body and also improves the flow of prana while practicing any pose.
  • Acts like a restorative pose: This pose can be considered as a restorative pose, healing the hips and the entire back. Can be considered after the practice of intense poses like Adho Mukha Svanasana, Dhanurasana and Ustrasana etc.
  • Deep stretch to the arms and shoulders: If done perfectly with the alignment of the chin, face and the neck, this pose works as a great way to relax the shoulders and the arms while also giving it the maximum stretch. One must make sure the chest goes slowly and carefully towards the floor or the mat, to enjoy the deep stretch at the shoulders. The breathing incorporated here with the movement of the arms forward is very essential.
  • Stomach muscles too gets activated: Though Uttana Shishosana, is more for the shoulders, arms and the back, if focused carefully, the lower abdomen gets a great massage while trying to take the hips upwards. This massage while the tummy is consciously pulled in, brings the abdominal muscles to work.
  • Relaxes the muscles and calms the mind: The movement of the lower body upwards and the movement of the upper body downwards, slowly with breathing under control, soothes the muscles around the entire spine and the hips which eventually calms the mind along with the body.
  • Great heart opener: One needs to understand the meaning of the term ‘heart opener’ while practicing this pose. Here in this pose, the chest opens up reducing the tightness around the back and the shoulders. The opening of the chest improves the breathing capacity of the lungs and hence this pose is a great ‘heart opener’.
  • Improves blood circulations: Here in Uttana Shishosana, the blood flows downwards towards the chest and the shoulders, and this opposite flow of blood works well for the entire body.
  • Therapeutic remedy for insomnia: This pose can be used as a therapy for healing patients with problems related to insomnia. The deep stretch at the shoulders and the chest with the flow of blood in the opposite direction can act as a great stress buster, thus calming the mind and inducing sleep.
  • Breath awareness and body awareness is encouraged: Here while the body is stretching deep at both ends, it becomes essential to be aware of this stretch and to hold this pose the breath awareness becomes essential too. The breathing will help one to hold the pose longer without causing any uneasiness to the body or any muscles.
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