Ustrasana Steps

  1. Begin by standing in the centre of the yoga mat . Bending both your knees be seated on your heels in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).
  2. Seated in this position with hands on your thighs, take a few breaths and raise your spine pushing the lower back on to the heels below you.
  3. Come on to your knees while raising your body away from your heels and place the back straight . One can take support by placing a blanket below your knees or by folding the corner of the mat and placing it below your knees. Gaze in front and raise the body up with few breaths to focus. Tuck in the tummy too.
  4. Now keep the knees hip distance apart or shoulder distance apart, with feet also hip distance apart. The alignment of the hips , knees and feet should be perfect.That is, your legs and feet behind you should not be separated more than the knees , hence knees and ankles are in straight line.
  5. Place your hands just below your hip behind you with elbows pointing backwards. Take the shoulders behind you while holding your hips. Take a few breaths here.
  6. Raising upwards with tummy tucked in and abdomen tight, slowly with breathing take the upper body behind curved inwards and downwards. Ensure the thighs are tight and straight. The stretch in this pose is from the thighs and therefore having the thighs tight and vertical is necessary.
  7. With a deep inhalation, take both palms and place them on the heels behind you. Here raise the heart and chest upwards bringing the spine inwards and release the head and neck backwards feeling the stretch at the neck.
  8. Begin a slow breath, and bring the mind to the lower back and neck as the maximum stretch is felt here. With every inhalation, try to push the spine deeper inside while the chest and heart reach higher making it parallel to the floor or yoga mat below you.
  9. The weight of the body should be evenly supported by the legs and arms.
  10. After a few breaths, slowly exhale and bring the neck and shoulders at comfortable position and release your hands and the entire back . Sit on your knees and heels again and relax.
  11. Completely relax the body by bringing the legs out in front of you stretched.
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