Ustrasana With Strap And Wall Steps

Ustrasana With Strap And Wall

Now, how is Camel Pose With Strap and Wall different than the original Ustrasana (Camel Pose)?

As there are many modified ways to practice Ustrasana (Camel Pose), this variation here requires a yoga strap and is done against the wall. Given that this variation is not only restorative in nature, but is also for those who are new to yoga, hence best to take guidance from a yoga teacher for the same. Given below are the instructions for the same.

  1. Come to sit in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) against the wall while facing the wall. Place the knees close to the wall here.
  2. Bring a yoga strap and adjusting the length, make a loop to the width of your body.
  3. Take this loop and place it over your head and bring it down to your hip.
  4. Now, rise up and come to sit on your knees and shins. Bring this yoga strap right down to your upper thighs. Adjust the length again and tighten this yoga strap around your thighs to your comfort.
  5. Make sure it is tight around the thighs and gives support to your hips.

    Note:The yoga strap around the upper thighs will support the hips for a backbend. The alignment of the posture here with support is also encouraged.

  6. Now as you rest the body on your knees and shins in kneeling down position, take a few breaths here placing the hands on the wall stretched upwards while the entire front part of the body presses against the wall.
  7. Inhale and slowly move the hands away from the wall and bring one hand at a time towards the heels. Push the wall with your thighs, lower abdomen and groin to go gradually with your hands down towards the heels.
  8. Exhale completely. When ready slowly move the chest upwards, shoulders backwards, neck backwards while taking the groin towards the wall.
  9. As you are in the position breathe and use the wall to support the body to go in Camel Pose With Strap and Wall.
  10. Important: The gluteus maximus (buttocks) need to be tightened to help use the upper thighs, hips and the groin in an effective way for safer practice.
  11. Breathing while in the pose is another important part of the practice and will help keep the body in control too.
  12. Stay here as the body feels comfortable. Making sure the strap is tight, making sure the wall support is comfortable and finally making sure the backbend is in alignment with the hips and the shoulders.
  13. To release from the pose of Camel Pose With Strap and Wall, slowly release one hand while bending and turning the chest and shoulders towards one side and then release the other hand.
  14. Relax seated back in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose), without removing the yoga strap to back to one more round of practice.
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