Bow Pose Steps

Bow Pose
  1. Start by lying down in Makarasana(Crocodile Pose), where you are in prone position. Here as you are face down bring your arms close to sides of the body and with forehead down, stretch your legs and take few deep breaths to relax the spine.
  2. With distance between the knees bend them and point the toes close to you by bringing the legs and feet close to your lower back.
  3. Placing the both legs and feet close to your lower back , now try and hold onto your ankles with your hands from behind. Make sure the holding of the ankles of both the legs are from outside.
  4. With shoulders and arms now stretched and legs raised behind you from above floor and thighs away from the floor, stay here for a few breaths to ensure the flow of blood is felt.
  5. Grabbing the ankles now, raise the entire upper body from the upper abdomen to the neck upwards and balance the entire body on the lower abdomen. Now the body should look like a Bow.
  6. Stay in this pose for a few breaths and make sure those thighs are away from the floor. Tighten the buttocks and lower back and pull yourself upwards with every inhalation.
  7. Feel the blood flow while in this pose. A slow breathing can help you balance your body longer with eyes closed.
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