Bow Pose Modifications

Bow Pose

Too much of stretching of the muscles in any yoga pose that causes pain will bring injury. Hence if at any particular yoga pose the stretch is not easy but the body needs this stretch , it can be obtained through improved and modified techniques. No yoga pose gives pleasure and joy if not experienced the right way. Thus there are a few alternative ways to get to this pose if one wants to gain the pleasure of this Pose. Some are mentioned below.

  • If reaching for the ankles is difficult , one can use a yoga strap and place it around the ankles of the feet and with a proper grip pull yourself up by holding this strap.
  • If the pressure on the abdominal area is uncomfortable , you could place a blanket to give you the support just below the pelvic and lower abdomen.
  • An experienced teacher can help in bringing those arms behind to reach for the ankles and support the lifting of the knees and thighs by placing a thin blanket below the knees.
  • One could start practicing this on the flat and firm mattress before coming on to the mat on the floor. The support and the cushion effect will bring lesser pressure to the abs and thighs , thus improvising the stretch.
  • Thus depending on the comfort of the students , variations of this yoga pose can be practiced and learned before getting into the actual pose Dhanurasana.

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