Bow Pose Contraindications

Bow Pose

As there are benefits in any yoga practice , there are certain contraindications too. Dhanurasana too has certain don'ts or contraindications , a few are mentioned below:

  • As the pose has a strong impact on the abdominal area , women who are pregnant should avoid this.
  • Patients suffering from pressure, either Low or High should avoid this pose as it brings a lot of pressure to the abdominal area, thus making breathing a little difficult which can stop the flow of blood to the brain.
  • Any kind of neck injury including someone suffering from spondylitis.
  • Someone with severe back pain or back injury .
  • Too much pressure is on the abdominal area as the entire body is balancing, so people suffering from ulcers in stomach or someone with Hernia should avoid this pose.

A lot of awareness of the body while at a particular pose should be had and only a good teacher who has this awareness can bring in light on the yoga pose while doing it in a class. This awareness is essential when dealing with students who suffer from certain ailments and who are looking to heal themselves through the practice of yoga.

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