Bow Pose Breath Awareness

Bow Pose

Breathing is considered as the most essential tool to reach the perfection of any asana. A lot of the flexibility of the body is achieved by constant practice of the pose with proper breathing. Here we explain the breathing technique for mastering Dhanurasana.

  1. While in Makarasana(Crocodile Pose), breathe a few rounds to relax the spine before we begin to move into the pose.
  2. As you inhale, stretch the arms behind you and hold on to the bend legs at the ankles and exhale. Remain here for a few breaths with forehead on the floor. Settle the shoulders well and make sure the body is straight with proper alignment to the mat .
  3. Now raise the forehead off the floor and take a deep breathe, stretching the chest, shoulders and upper body upwards and backwards and holding on to the ankles tight. Remain here till the body is balanced well with normal breathing.
  4. Once the body is comfortable, begin slow breathing and with every inhalation try and raise the thighs higher with chest and shoulders moving backwards and exhale in the position.
  5. The more the breath is slow and steady the more the body will balance well. Try and remain in this pose with eyes closed.
  6. After a few seconds or breathe , slowly inhale and while exhaling lower both knees, shoulders and chin towards the ground still holding on to your ankles.Then release the ankles and stretch the legs behind you on the floor and relax the neck completely.
  7. Lie down now in complete Makarasana and begin to stretch the entire body back to the floor and relax. Start slow breathing and as you exhale take your mind to the lower back and feel the stress releasing and contract the muscles in and around the spine.

You could repeat this pose after relaxing a few breaths till the muscles are contracted completely. Ensure no jerky movements during the pose or while going into the pose.

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