Bow Pose Benefits

Bow Pose

Most Back bends work on the abdomen and back directly but also giving benefit to the whole body. In Dhanurasana too the entire body is raised from the floor thus bringing benefit not only to the back but also the entire body. Some of the main benefits are:

Physical (Anatomical) Benefits

  • The muscles around the Spinal Cord and the Neck are strengthened. The alignment of the spine is corrected.
  • The chest and shoulder muscles are put to work thus making them strong and removing any sagging shoulders.
  • The muscles around the hamstrings , calves and legs are also stretched thus making them strong and toning the. Hence this yoga pose brings in a lot of benefit for Athletes.
  • Brings in a lot of flexibility in the back.

Health Benefits

  • As the body weight is on the abdominal muscles, the abdominal organs are helped to function better thus improving the organs like stomach, liver, intestines, spleen and pancreas . This functioning of the organs thus brings balance in the inner body by improving the secretion by the various glands.
  • Helps to treat menstrual disorders in women , thus toning the female organs.
  • Stimulates the nervous system and brings a balance to the nervous system.
  • Pressure and stretch of the abdominal muscles also tones the kidneys and the liver , thus improving the sluggish liver and massaging the kidneys.
  • Therapeutic Benefits like curing diabetes, curing asthma, Curing menstrual disorders.
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