Anuvittasana Steps

  1. End the sequence by taking the upper body a bit back bending at the hip after releasing the body from Chair Pose.
  2. Inhale come up straightening the knees and raising the upper body.
  3. Inhale again and take the neck, shoulders and the chest backward, placing the hands on the hip for better support and go into Anuvittasana.
  4. Exhale completely at the pose and begin slow breathing watching the chest and the abdomen expand with the breathing.
  5. This pose will protect the back from any stiffness that may arise while running and also keeps the digestion under control.
  6. Remain for about 6 breaths if possible or as per the body comfort. Release from the pose and remain standing straight closing your eyes and bring the breath to normal.
  7. Bring the body to relax while standing with deep breathing and stay calm and focused on easing the body.
  8. Never practice Savasana after the above sequences and before running. It is better to go into Kapalabathi Pranayam if one feels a bit tired to relax the brain.
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