Anuvittasana Benefits


As Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose) is a simple standing backbend, the practice of the same can be done by anyone. Though initially, this yoga pose may seem hard on the lower back (which is obvious), yet this very same simple posture comes with many encouraging reasons to practice. Given below are the benefits explained in detail:

  1. Muscles and Flexibility: The contraction of the muscles around the hips and the lower back, while in the backbend helps with both the toning and flexibility of these muscles. Muscles that stretch and contract improve its range of motion over time. Hence you can say, Ardha Chakrasana improves the flexibility of the hips and lower back (spine).
  2. Abdomen and Digestion: In Ardha Chakrasana, the abdominal muscles are stretched upwards, which help with toning and strengthening. The deep stretch here reduces the excess fat around at the belly too. It slowly helps in stimulating the internal organs leading to an improved digestion.
  3. Heart and Blood Pressure: This simple standing backbend can be a great practice to open the heart, and hence sometimes is used for the better functioning of the heart. The practice also regulates the blood pressure.
  4. Lungs and Respiratory: The stretching of the muscles around the chest and the diaphragm, breathing to the maximum with the lungs is encouraged. This stretching improves the functioning of the lungs reducing any respiratory disorders.
  5. Balance and awareness: The backbend in Ardha Chakrasana (Half Wheel Pose), requires one to be aware of the body, the breath, and the balance. Hence improves balance with both the body and the mind. It creates awareness which is essential for balance.
  6. Preparation: The simple standing backbend in Ardha Chakrasana creates a foundation for challenging backbends like Ustrasana (Camel Pose), Viparita Virabhadrasana (Reverse Warrior Pose) and many alike.
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