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Our Mission

At Tummee.com, we firmly believe that yoga teachers can help people live healthier lives and avoid unnecessary suffering in the world. That is the reason why we strive daily to help yoga teachers succeed.

Our belief stems from our personal experience and from our day-to-day conversations with yoga teachers, yoga teachers in training, and yoga therapists around the world. Many yoga teachers decide to teach because yoga helped them overcome their own physical injuries and find meaning in their life. They want to spread all that yoga has to offer to their students, families, and society whether the setting is a yoga studio, park, one-on-one, and even prisons.

At Tummee.com, we help yoga teachers succeed in whatever way they need help in.
That is our mission.
That is our commitment.

Our Offices

Tummee.com is a yoga startup based out of Santa Clara, California. If you are around, please do contact us and we would love to meet you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

Why The Name "Tummee"

In gross terms, Tummee refers to Tummy/Stomach. Since our stomach is the source of our health, that's where the word 'tummee' (variation of the word 'tummy') originated from. Our 'tummee' is the enjoyer and friend. Our hands, legs, everything else works to satisfy it and hence it is the enjoyer. When we fall sick, we put food/medicines in our stomach that helps us recover and hence it is a friend.

In our behind the scenes story, you will see why we started Tummee.com with yoga poses for chronic ailments (along with Ayurveda).

We know the word 'tummee' does not directly relate to yoga but hopefully above gives some perspective.

Thank You!

We are fortunate and grateful to be working with thousands of yoga teachers around the world. We welcome you to join us in this unending and most fulfulling journey!

Yoga Student and Founder, Tummee.com

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