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90,000+ Yoga Sequences

Perfect the art of yoga sequencing with 90,000+ yoga sequences covering different styles of yoga - Hatha including peak poses, Yin, Restorative, Chair, Prenatal, Power, Therapeutic and more.

All these yoga sequences are designed by yoga teachers from around the world using our yoga sequence builder.

  • Easily add and edit shared yoga sequences
  •   |   Get cuing ideas for 2500+ yoga poses
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Discover Yoga Pose Variations to Teach in Your Yoga Classes

Teach creative yoga classes & attract more students

Discover variations of different yoga poses to teach in your yoga classes with blocks, straps, chairs, bolsters, and more. Attract yoga students of all levels and abilities.

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Use Sanskrit with confidence in your yoga classes

Learn Sanskrit titles of yoga poses and their meanings. Listen to audio pronunciation. Take quizzes to ensure you are learning.

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Learn Sanskrit Pronunciation of Yoga Poses

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Organize Yoga Class Plans

Teach impactful yoga classes efficiently

Sequence your yoga classes using our intuitive yoga sequencing app. Keep all your yoga sequences organized in one place.

Personalize your yoga sequences and poses

Add YouTube videos and Spotify/Pandora playlists to your yoga sequences. Rename yoga pose titles in your own language. Add breath type, count, duration and more for each yoga pose.

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Share Yoga Class Plans Privately and On Social Networks

Become an influencer

Easily share your yoga sequences and cues in your yoga class plans online with your private clients. Post your yoga lesson plans on your blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

And More ...

Improve with insights on yoga lesson plans

Stats for your yoga sequences help you stay on track and create targeted yoga sequences.

Analyze Yoga Sequence with Stats
Yoga Sequence Print Templates for Yoga Class Lesson Plans

Get beautiful yoga class plan templates

25+ print templates for your yoga lesson plans portfolio and to share with your yoga students.

Yoga wisdom

Easily reference lists of yoga poses to plan and design your yoga classes using our intuitive yoga sequence builder and yoga class planning app.

Yoga Poses Lists to Plan Yoga Classes and Sequences

Yoga Sequencing App

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You can use yoga sequencing app just as a mobile app on your iPhone, Android phone and iPad.

With our easy to use mobile interface you can create, view, and share your yoga sequences on-the-go.

Our 2500+ yoga poses, daily reference yoga sequences, and yoga sequencing guides are conveniently available to you in the palm of your hand with our yoga sequencing app!

Our Yoga Sequence Builder & Yoga Class Planning Software is Trusted by Yoga Teachers Worldwide

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Yoga Sequence Builder 5 Star Rating on Facebook
Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Stacey Kelly, Yoga Teacher in Training

"I have to say that your yoga sequence builder site is INCREDIBLE - I absolutely love it!! I've recommended it to all of my classmates and instructors. I'm getting preparing to graduate my RYTT in about 6 weeks and your sequence builder has proved invaluable. It's taken away all the fear and reservations I had about putting my yoga sequence together - which is an amazing feeling (:

Thank you so much for the outstanding customer service and for creating such a wonderful sequence builder!!"

Stacey Kelly, RYTT-200

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Monika Zameta, RYT-200

"I think your yoga sequence builder website is one of the best existing tools. I recommended it to my yoga teacher colleagues."

Monika Zameta, Yoga Teacher

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Coral Del Mar, RYT-200

"I ultimately decided yoga sequence builder is the platform for me because of two main things: I was able to save and share all my yoga sequences in my own library and the great support and customer service for adding new yoga poses and dealing with any questions. Thank you!"

Coral Del Mar, Sound Method Yoga, RYT-200

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Francine M. Gausch, RYT-200

"Thank you! Your yoga sequence builder has been a wonderful tool for me, as it has enabled me to provide additional assistance to private yoga clients with specialized sequences tailored to them and a place to save favorite yoga sequences for my group classes."

Francine M. Gausch, YogaLife Institute RYT-200

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Samantha Seidenberg, RYT-200

"I am quite excited about your yoga sequence builder. I recently was certified and I find that it is much easier to sequence and teach using pictures than a script!"

Samantha Seidenberg, Blue Sun Yoga, RYT-200

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Anne Vandehey

"I have been telling everybody about your yoga sequence builder. Two of my instructors seemed very impressed with it. It's so much easier to glance at a yoga pose rather than write them out. I really like the statistics and the ability to narrow poses down by type and skill level. It also keeps all my yoga classes stored in one place for easy reference and modification.

I'm a student but will be graduating in two weeks and I only have four classmates but I will definitely spread the word! Thanks for your hard work! "

Anne Vandehey, Yoga Teacher in Training, Radiance Yoga Health

  • 15 Days Free Trial
  •   |   Build Yoga Sequencing Foundation with Sequence Guides
  •   |   Get New Yoga Sequences and Cues Daily
  • Learn. Grow. Create. Influence. Inspire.

Yoga Sequence Builder Branding Yoga Pose Made with Love and Gratitude

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Carlo Ferroni

"I am visually oriented and like to have a class plan to glance at when I teach. I used to painstakingly draw stick figures for every class plan and even enjoyed the process - BUT - it is very time consuming, and if you change your mind about a pose or the order you have to start from scratch. With the number of classes I teach growing considerably, I found I was not creating as many sequences as I wanted, as to get them on paper would just take too long. So I had something in my head and just hoped I won't forget anything. Tummee was a game changer for me. Now, once I have a rough plan in my head, it takes minutes to have a neat, beautiful printout. The features being added are making an already good product great. The price point makes it accessible and the responsiveness and customer care are unbeatable. I could not recommend enough."

Carlo Ferroni, Yoga Teacher

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Instructor Coral Del Mar, RYT-200

"Tummee is incredible! Their yoga sequence builder has helped me tremendously. I am grateful that I came across this because it has saved me lots of time and made yoga sequencing much easier. Also, the figures are very well done and the site is easy to navigate. It seems they have thought of everything (Sequence statistics, Sanskrit pronunciation, Pose categories, etc.) but they are always adding great new features. The customer service is phenomenal. Quick to respond and genuinely interested in your feedback. If you are thinking about signing up for a yoga sequence builder site, choose Tummee!"

Caitlyn Phelps, RYT-200

Yoga Sequence Builder Testimonial by Yoga Teacher Dolly Whitton

"Great tool for planning classes. Really helpful as I can build a catalogue of classes giving me variation and allowing me to get creative. As I have recently qualified its a great tool to help with my Sanskrit knowledge too!"

Dolly Whitton, Yoga Teacher

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